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We are so excited about our Cherry Blossom Minis coming up this April! Last year we captured amazing content, we can't wait to see what this year will bring!

Please read this entire page as it has lots of important information about our sessions. For your convenience, here is the schedule for the sessions:


Friday 1st         Saturday 2nd        Sunday 3rd

9:00am          9:00am          9:00am

9:30am          9:30am           9:30am

10:00am         10:00am          10:00am

10:30am         10:30am          10:30am

11:00am         11:00am          11:00am

11:30am          11:30am          11:30am

12:00pm           12:00pm         12:00pm

12:30pm           12:30pm          12:30pm

1:00pm              1:00pm            1:00pm

1:30pm              1:30pm            1:30pm

2:00pm              2:00pm            2:00pm

2:30pm              2:30pm            2:30pm

3:00pm              3:00pm            3:00pm

3:30pm              3:30pm            3:30pm

4:00pm              4:00pm            4:00pm

4:30pm              4:30pm            4:30pm

Please notice that these session times are scheduled back-to-back, so be prepared to arrive a little early to make sure that you get to use your full session time.


Cherry Blossom Minis will be hosted at the Lexington Cemetery 

833 W Main St, Lexington, KY 40508 (field 16)

Feel free to park your car on the side of the road close to the grass. We will be waiting for you at the start of Lane 16.


Why book a mini?

Our cherry blossom mini sessions are a staple for welcoming the spring into the new year. The birth of these spring minis started all the way back in 2020. From then on, we have developed our sessions to help showcase moments of growth and happiness.

This spring we look forward to continuing our exciting journey of covering the growth and success you have had from year to year.

Pricing & details

  • 30 min photography session

  • 20-30 high resolution edited portraits

  • one outfit 

  • up to 5 people

  • $75 (book before March 25th to receive $10 off)

  • $50 if you're a student (must have ID)


There is a $15 booking deposit required in order to secure your spot, no exceptions.

These mini sessions are for everyone! singles, couples, families, children, maternity, pets, seniors, literally everyone is welcomed!


- Bring bribe food/candy just in case we are not enough to hold the kids' attention. (Trust me, this may really come in handy with the younger ones!) Gummies usually work great!


- Try to avoid "match-matchy" outfits. We suggest not putting more than 2 people in the same color/print. Photos generally look the best when there is a nice blend of 2 or 3 colors among everyone. 


- Relax! You don't have to worry about posing or getting your family all in order - we will take care of that. Your job is to simply smile and enjoy making memories with your family, friends or yourself! If you know you want a specific photo (like whatever idea you have in mind or pose or angle), feel free to let us know! We've got a plan of specific shots we will be getting, but we want to make sure we get the ones you're wanting the most as well. 


This is going to be such a fun session, so don't stress. We know we'll get some great photos that you'll love! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! We are so excited to work with you! See you then! 




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